DOP Erase One Part

DOP Erase One Part

Jouer sur smartphone ou tablette

Publié le 26 Mars 2023 - Joué 170 fois.

DOP: Erase One Part - a game in which you will need to solve logical and ingenious tasks. Turn on your mind to solve these tricky riddles.
Guess who the real vampire is? Where is the thief hiding? How to save a drowning person? How to charge your smartphone?
All these tasks, as well as many others, you will need to solve in our game! But be careful, otherwise you will erase the excess. All these tricky riddles will help you develop your mind.

Features of the game:
- More than 100 exciting levels.
- Funny puzzle plot.
- Intuitive operation.
- Tasks that develop thinking.
- Colorful graphics of the game.

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